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 Catriona Secker is an artist and teacher living in Sydney. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting, from the University of NSW in 1999, and a Master of Electronic Arts, majoring in Computer Animation, from the Australian National University in 2003. Her work has been exhibited in galleries across Australia as well as in Hong Kong and the United States.


Artist Statement


 Inspired by old natural history illustrations and biology texts, my work is influenced by a wide range of visual styles including fine art, illustration, visionary and decorative arts. I am intrigued by processes in nature such as growth and reproduction as well as the idea of  consciousness in nature.

 I'm fascinated by the infinite variety of natural forms that exist on the one hand, and the patterns and structures that continually recur amongst such diversity on the other. I'm particularly drawn to small organisms, especially invertebrates. These organisms are often combined and transformed into new and conscious beings in my work.

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